Little Pixie

Hand made fused glasswork for home and garden
Always look for the magic in everything and everyone


I work in kiln formed fused glass (COE96 for those wanting the technical) and each piece is hand made to order so if you think ooh shame it's not blue, then get it touch because it can be made in blue! 

Below you will find various themes in my work ranging from Angels and Chakras to more erotic line drawings. If you would like anything customised or shipped as a gift then please get in touch and we can discuss how to make it more personal for you x

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Line Art Images

A collection of framed line drawings in glass celebrating the human form

Small Framed Pictures

A collection of 10cm small framed pretty fused glass pictures for sunny windowsills

Fused Glass Homeware

Coasters, small candle dishes, jewellery dishes, small bowls

Large Windowsill pieces

A collection of larger fused free standing panels for sunny windowsills or behind lights

Work using Angel healing and their colours for you and your home

Glass Cards

A collection of fused glass cards for all occasions

Holistic and Alternative work

Angel rune stones, affirmation kits and more for self healing and meditation

Bespoke images

Working with a female artist to  transform a photograph into a unique piece of glass art

Extras and sundries

useful things like extra rubber feet for coasters