Little Pixie

Hand made fused glasswork for home and garden
Always look for the magic in everything and everyone

Holistic and Alternative

I have read tarot for a long time and am Reiki trained so holistic approaches to things seems very natural to me.  Working with others I have created some pieces to support alternative ways to living.  Some you may be aware of, some may be new and you may or may not believe in them and that's entirely your choice.  All work is handmade by me and hopefully gives you some comfort when you are seeking answers through meditation or asking the Angels for guidance.

Affirmation kits

I have used this style of affirmation for years and it's a centuries old tradition.  This kit is red but there will be other colours soon too so if you don't see the one you'd like please ask.

You write down and burn the negative things holding you back together with dried flowers to remind us nothing is permanent and incense to remind us of life's scent.  Everything is included in this set from glass dish to burn in, dried flowers, incense and notelets to write down the things you want to change together with full instructions.  This BLOG will give you more details but if you have any questions then please ask x

Each set is £18.50 + £1.50 p&p to UK

contains glass dish, dried flowers, notelets, incense cones and full instructions

Angel Runes

Representing the four Archangels of Raphael, Michael, Uriel and Gabriel these hand made runes show each of their symbols.  Supplied in a blue velvet bag so you can choose a rune to meditate on.  Each rune is approximately 1.5" square and safely fused so they can stay in the bag together.

Each set is £14.50 plus £1.50 p&p to UK

Contains four stones together with blue velvet bag to store them in