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Make your own glasswork!

Now that the world is returning a little we can begin offering home classes.  I'm based in Wolverhampton West Midlands and able to take small groups of up to four adults in one group. Ideally you will already be within your own bubble where possible, all sensible precautions will be adhered to.

You will have the chance to make 2-3 pieces depending on what you choose to make from small framed picture to slumped bowls.  All work listed on my website is possible for you to make or feel free to come along with your own design.  Once you have booked your dates you will receive a list of templates to indicate size of pieces of work so you can prepare your own idea beforehand or use my range of stencils as ideas. 

I will guide you through the best way to get the finished item you want and then a few days later I can either post work too you or pop back to collect it.  Each session will take approximately 2-3 hours depending on your own skill level or the amount of giggling that occurs while trying to follow instructions (you know who you are!!!)

Cost is £35 per participant; all materials, safety equipment and guidance provided.  Please drop me a message with your details and we can discuss best date and time for your group.  All you need bring is your imagination and a sense of fun because the glass IS fun and I love sharing it with people x