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Bespoke Images

In collaboration with PoisonAppleArt we are now able to take your photograph and turn it into a line drawing and then recreate in glass to create a truly unique piece of art for you.  Whether or you or your pet it will be something truly unique for you to keep.

For images of people there are a few things you need to read below, laws regarding distribution of imagery are very strict and we wouldn't wish you, or us, to get into accidental trouble from what should be an amazing gift to celebrate the body.  We actively promote body positivity and think everyone should be celebrated, including the wobbly bits! 

Each piece will be framed in a standard A4 frame, glass aperture approximately 18 x 13cm 

£50 + £2.00 p&p to UK address, if outside of the UK please contact to discuss shipping and tariff charges that apply to your country.

50% deposit is required once artwork signed off, balance due prior to shipment; payments will be completed securely via PayPal.  Imagery can only be accepted via email to

The legal bits:

Any imagery must be sent via an email to us to create work and will be deleted once work is complete and paid for.  If you are happy for us to include it in the gallery that is your choice not ours to make.  We assume you have the permission of the person in the photograph when sending us images and accept no liability if you do not.  The customer warrants that the person in the image is over 18 and is not a protected or vulnerable party. If not, the customer warrants that the parent or guardian of the minor or carer of the protected or vulnerable party has given consent for the use of the image. In the event of any ambiguity, we reserve the right to ask for written confirmation that the use of an image has been authorised by the parent, guardian or carer.  

Under UK law the receipt and distribution of material for pornographic reasons is illegal, and very strict relating to minors and vulnerable persons.  We have taken Police and legal advice already regarding how to create these images but if we have any concerns regarding the imagery sent to us we will seek Police guidance.  The customer will indemnify the company against any civil or criminal suit arsing out of the use or distribution of any unauthorised use of any image provided.

Once you approve the artwork full payment is required for us to complete the work, as it is a bespoke piece no refund is available once you agree the artwork.  Please allow 2-3 days for artwork approval, and a further 7 working days to completion.  Work will be shipped to a UK address using Royal Mail second class postage.